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Sunday, November 30, 2008

ZFS Hammer time

ZFS Hammer or Drill time

So there are a few videos around regarding ZFS and failed drives. Part of what they are showing is how well ZFS as a filesystem deals with 1 and 2 driver failures. This is worlds better than Raid 5 and is a strong point of ZFS.

However these is another side to ZFS that is hard to talk about using a hammer. This is the whole new world of No Partitions. This past month I have been playing with Solaris 10/08 which gave us ZFS as a boot partition for Sparc. I have been waiting for this for about a year and now having played with it I love it. The number of arguments I have had regarding / /opt /var and /usr partitioning in the past have been too many. What works in some places fails miserably in others. Most of the time you become the new owner of a legacy system with partitioning you hate. Add onto this that growing partitions was never really “easy” in the past. Now with ZFS partitions are gone, kaput, dead, no more, and just don’t exist. You have volumes and quota’s but no partitions. While watching one Sun demo the presenter made the comment that when working on ZFS they went with they idea that with any system you can add memory and it’s there. You just start using it. They wanted to do the same with disks. With ZFS they truly have gotten there. There is a learning curve to this and I need to start re-training people that fsck is dead long live scrubbing. But it’s also nice they way Copy on Write is being used with parity to better validate that I just won’t have corrupted data to start. Also the fact that it’s 128 bit file system and very cross platform compatible makes it an easy sell. Now I beg the Sun team to please bring the QFS file sharing into ZFS so I truly have one solution.

If you haven’t read up on ZFS I recommend going to the ZFS Learning Center


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While Hammer may be interesting and a good FS.. afaik it’s lacking any real corporate support, the growth of DFBSD isn’t that great, and it’s still missing quite a bit in

comparison to zfs. IOS it’s not in the races.. Now of course it’s not hard for me to add another column if someone is willing to email me that data. smile

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