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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Long time no post

Random updates to get past the long slump of no updates.

Yep, it’s been awhile. As most personal websites are. You get busy or something comes up and things keep getting put off. Today marks the day google killed google wave. An interesting project that I saw great promise for in a work environment but no way to set it up in a work environment. Like many others I think it was too ahead of it’s time but we should see alot of it’s technology and ideas in Google Me, whenever that comes out.

Oracle: Well the lawsuit against Oracle by the US Govt is interesting http://bit.ly/b0wCPz. At the same time the frustration and apparent death of Oracle working with the Opensolaris community is just sad. I have seen alot of oracle users leave blogs.sun.com, or leave the company all together. Much like when Symantec bought Veritas I think the end has come for Sun as a meaningful anything. I already uninstalled my personal opensolaris system at home and installed the newest Ubuntu (which is really nice).

Android: Still love the android OS and have now written 1.5 apps for it. Need to finish that second one. I am a bit annoyed by the Vendor supplied apps ( Nascar on Sprint) that you can not uninstall without rooting. We finally get this bloatware to stop on PC’s and now we have to fight it on phones ? Also when is audible going to be done with the Beta of their app for android and release it ?

Kindle: Finally ordered a Kindle. Why now ? Because I have the kindle app on my phone so books I buy I can read on either device. I like it when I can use something I paid for once in multiple places.

Zektor: One of my new favorite Vendors. Bought one of these for the new house. http://www.zektor.com/prowler8x8/prowler8x8.shtml . I had planned this out early by only running Cat 6 to the TV Drops. I must say that the picture quality and features of this device are amazing and I would recommend it for any tv fanatics out there.  Yes I really have 8 tv’s (well 5 now but 3 more planned) so all outputs will be in Use.

Upgrades: I have upgraded the servers, the software, and my nerves. Some upgrades are done, some are almost done, and they have all been more difficult then they should have.

So full details coming soon, no more 1 year stops in between.

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