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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello Google Voice

So after many many tries I finally received my invite for Google Voice.

First impressions: I really like it. I am a firm believer that voicemail is a dead medium. Leave me a voicemail and I get it as text, email, sms, or just shows up in my G1 voice app and I finally start to see how technology helps make life better.

Second thoughts: This is an area of huge growth potential for google. With features like call screening, rules based on contacts, selective call forwarding with schedules, and phone numbers for almost any area code. This is something that the small business, and contractor or going to really have an interest in and google can excel. With some basic additions, and a few voip phones this can be the perfect solution for so many small businesses. When you look at the massive growth of applications like asterisk small business pbx’s are still a major cost and companies are doing what they can to reduce that overhead. Plus with the google voice call widget it shows the potential of where this can really go. Sure it’s great for the home user but nobody can deny where the growth and profit area is for both Google and developers.

Many years ago (a real long time ago) I was around when pagers were great and everyone had one. But what the small business needed was that personal touch. Virtual voice mail systems that advertised making your company sound like the major companies with voice menu’s and extensions, when really it was a computer doing software voicemail and call forwarding. Along with that you had pager services where the pager company would answer with your company name and take messages and then page you. All these services were sold to make small companies look big as image was everything and image was by phone. Now it’s about your website. On the Internet all companies are more equal and now it’s a matter of your graphic designer and not your complicated voice mail. In reality business today is not about your phone system or even your website. Today businesses have moved back to where they were when my grandfather was growing up. It’s about knowing someone and knowing their reputation. This is where the Internet has really changed the landscape. Companies google search employees before hiring them. People search for

sucks.com before buying an application. In today’s Internet connected world we can now instantly complete a search and determine if we trust them or should stay away. With all the mergers, buyouts, and major mega companies it’s not so much about the large company anymore but about the people you directly work with. Customer service is what matters now. Being able to manage all the information, responding to customers in a timely manner is what matters most. So seeing a service like this come out from google reminds me of those days long ago and the cyclic cycle that this industry is always in. back then it was about people being able to reach the person you needed to and pagers made that happen. Now with Google voice we are coming back around. You no longer need my home phone, cell phone, work phone, instead you need my one number and it takes care of finding me. And it doesn’t depend on a server in the office, or trying to program some keypad entry on your local telephone providers crippled features. D~
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Thanks for this post, really looking forward to the Google Voice application for the iPhone!!

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