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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eventually Credit Monitoring is Free

Here in the US monitoring your credit report is an important thing to do. Sometime last year I canceled whatever bad service I was using ans was planning on finding a new one.

So recently I thought about looking for a new credit monitoring service. After about 2 minutes of searching I stopped. Why ? Because then I thought about it and decided why pay for something that I will most likely get for free. Well yesterday I won the security lottery and got a letter about my free 12 months of credit monitoring. As the letter stated, an employee of a company I use, was caught selling personal data of customers. So while they promise that everyone is safe, and they can’t see how this would be bad, they are doing the PC thing and providing free service for all customers for 12 months.

In today’s world I have given up on commercial company’s that care about profit ever being able properly secure data. It’s just not their main priority so it never gets done right. Based on this I would guess that most people will win this lottery over the next few years. Keep this in mind before spending money on monitoring services.


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