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Friday, January 30, 2009

A defaultrouter for Zones

Virtualization is the next big thing that we have already done before (think mainframe’s and clock sharing). Sun Solaris has 2.5 versions (Zones and LDOMS) of this that I have been working with a lot lately. When your looking for quick application isolation but full resource sharing and control you use Solaris Zones. The one big issue I had that kept causing me problems was that of routing. If I created a zone that was not on the same subnet as the global zone I had routing issues. Now Sun said you could add multiple entries to the /etc/defaultrouter file but that just didn’t work well. You still needed to have the global zone have an IP on the other subnet or do some more interesting interface tricks to make it work sometimes. Finally with Solaris 10/08 Update 6 they have added a new option. In your zonecfg file you can now specify defrouter as part of the network config portion. This made me smile for a couple of reasons. One it fixed one of the biggest issue I had with zones and usability.  Second it was the fact that this was an issue for a relatively short time period before we saw a fix in the main baseline. It’s because of the opensolaris project and testing that I feel we are seeing these critical fixes and enhancements making it to the commercial baseline so quickly. Thanks to the Sun team and I look forward to seeing more new features soon.


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