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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And the winners are….

Found this through the Sun Blogs Award Winners.

Now reading through the winners there are some great submissions. One of these really grabbed my interest. Everyone seems to be working towards a LAMP, AMP, or other package of all you need. These packages normally give you Apache, Mysql, PHP, and some other tools in an easy to install and use setup. The one that I was drawn to was the one called Cayac (details here)

Cherokee - http://www.cherokee-project.com/
    Maybe I am out of touch, but I have not heard of cherokee before this. Overall I really like the idea that this project is working towards. There is always a better mouse trap, and in this case a different web server. We are all very very used to apache. We can do apache configs in our sleep and there is a module for apache to do everything but wash dishes. Cherokee looks like it’s taken that idea and focused it into a specific application for doing the generic work of serving web pages. Apache always works but sometimes it takes real time to get compiled just the way you need it. Also in this day and age anytime you can simplify management it makes support and deployment easier.

Now back to Cayac. Cayac is a nice package for Solaris that gives you Cherokee, MySQL, PHP 5, and phpMyAdmin all in one easy to use package. This makes your initial server setup for that quick application that much easier. I currently have a small quick setup project that needs a quick backend and simple setup. I plan to give this a try and see how it works. At the same time I am very happy to see that people are working to create and improve on those things we think of as staples in our environment. With competition comes better software for everyone. Congratulations to the Cayac team and thanks to Sun for making money available to opensource projects.

At the same time I must plug blogs.sun.com. There are specific Sun Blogs that I read all the time, but from the blogs site you can see all posts and quickly see what is new at Sun and what is hot based on how many entries you see for the same information.




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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eventually Credit Monitoring is Free

Here in the US monitoring your credit report is an important thing to do. Sometime last year I canceled whatever bad service I was using ans was planning on finding a new one.

So recently I thought about looking for a new credit monitoring service. After about 2 minutes of searching I stopped. Why ? Because then I thought about it and decided why pay for something that I will most likely get for free. Well yesterday I won the security lottery and got a letter about my free 12 months of credit monitoring. As the letter stated, an employee of a company I use, was caught selling personal data of customers. So while they promise that everyone is safe, and they can’t see how this would be bad, they are doing the PC thing and providing free service for all customers for 12 months.

In today’s world I have given up on commercial company’s that care about profit ever being able properly secure data. It’s just not their main priority so it never gets done right. Based on this I would guess that most people will win this lottery over the next few years. Keep this in mind before spending money on monitoring services.


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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cloud Desktops have arrived

It was only a matter of time but the next evolution in the desktop is here with DesktopTwo. Sponsored by Sun this new free service gives you a virtual desktop.

* Caveat. With all cloud services you need to balance the service vs the risk of having your data on someone else’s systems.

I signed up and logged in. Besides the requirement for Flash this service works really well. The display is clean and the apps are useful and full featured. I will spend some more time to see just how ready and willing I am to move to this type of thing but this would be a nice jump in technology from where remote desktop is today and remote computing for the office workforce. Once we are able to completely move back to a dumb terminal / server option we will not have completed our full circle back to mainframe based computing as things were when I started. I am very interested in how this completion of the computing technology cycle will open a new wave of client /server and client computing in the next circle of technology advancements.

I was also very pleases to see that the parent company Sapotek have not only made this open for development of new apps but they have made the whole system open which means you can run this as your internal desktop system using any assortment of web client machines. With the requirement to be on Windows, or Mac, or Linux no longer there and only a base requirement for bandwidth and a browser we will see less dependecny on the big OS makers and more control by the corporate IT departments. Most people would say that this is bad but in my mind it isn’t. Back with dumb terminals and mainframe’s security truly was easier. When you are dealing with the app security and not every desktop it does help to simplify and reduce the burden of work. The old adage used to be that any system could pass C2 requirements, all you needed to do was remove the network card, video card, keyboard, and lock it in a room. Once that was done you had one of the most secure OS’s around. It may seem like a joke but the reality is there. The less doors and windows on a house the easier it is to secure those few entry points. The less software or desktop machines the easier it will be to not have your data breach end up on the front page of the local news. Please do not take this to say that Cloud Desktops are the answer to security. I don’t mean that at all. I just see that the cycle coming back around to dumb terminal and mainframe (server) systems has some ability to simplify one aspect of a security model.

So go to their website, sign up and give it a try.


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