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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Verizon is truly evil

Not so much the company itself just more along the lines of Large Corporations and Unions. Have a T1 at a local office here. For the last 8 days it has died 6 times. Each outage lasting at least 10 hours. RFO’s range from cleared while testing (my favorite) or bad wire cross connect or nothing found. The amazing part has been that for the three times they have needed to send a tech onsite they seem to only be able to get one here after 1am. Most of the time the circuit dies at noon. So 12 hours to get a tech dispatched. The Verizon call center in California try but say they can’t force the techs to dispatch because of the union rules in VA. Meanwhile I have no circuit.  **** the unions. They had a place and reason at one time and they still have a place in many smaller countries or developing nations but I really can’t see what they do to help the true workers in the US anymore other than protect the lowest common worker. Also *** the large corporations. I like being able to know the people I work with and have someone responsible for the product provided.

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T5220 Cont.

Okay so more details on the fun with new hardware. I have seen several pics on T5220 and tried to figure out the difference. Sun is selling both a Netra T5220 and an Enterprise. The pic in the previous post is the Enterprise. The other nice part on these servers is they use the new T2 processor. This one has doubled the threads per Core so you get 64 threads on an 8 core box. This hardware makes for a nice platform when working with LDOM’s and zones which is what I will be doing soon.



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T5220 (oooh shiny)


So I got to play with a new Sun T5220 server http://www.sun.com/servers/coolthreads/t5220/

These are a really nice improvement from the T2000 systems. The T2000 truly did pack alot of power into 2u but this new server is the next step and Sun added in all you need. The big CPU improvement here is the extra set of FPU’s so now you have an FPU per core. The T2000 lacked this and that is what hurt it the most on Database applications. With the update to the number of FPU’s this should be a true DB server for those that need it. The extra drive bays and additional EPCI slots is a big improvement as this was the major killer on the T1000 and T2000. However the new system does have a non-recessed power button which is sad. The recessed power button on the T2000 was a nice unplanned feature.

My main goal is to load the system up with Logical Domains and Zones. They are easy to use and let me maximize the resources. If you can give one of these things a test drive.

More to come as I start beating this server up.


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